Our company has a common answer in the interviews with visually impaired individuals. The visually impaired do not want a separate section customized for them in public spaces. For example, parking for disabled people, doors for disabled people, etc. Instead, they prefer the convenience that everyone can move around in the normal spaces they use. Hear ‘N Walk, the Intelligent Guidance System for the disabled, was also developed to make a significant contribution to these facilities.

How It Works?

The Hear ‘N Walk is basically similar in use to navigation systems common to vehicles. But unlike these systems, it does not need a satellite connection, so it can work indoors. In addition, after downloading the application does not need an internet connection again. As with all headphones, all communication is via Bluetooth. Thanks to the new bluetooth technology, energy requirements are minimized.

What It Does?

Just download Hear ‘N Walk from your IOS or Android app store to your phone and run it. The transmitters in the environment automatically detect your coordinates via bluetooth. After that, it automatically starts to give voice information about your environment as you progress. Just shake your phone for additional information. Besides giving information automatically, it can direct the user to the exact point. By specifying the desired point on the phone, the point and direction of the user is determined. Afterwards, the user is directed to the desired point with the verbal information given continuously.

Bus Stops

If a visually impaired person walking on his / her own does not know his / her environment in advance, he / she usually has to get help from the surrounding people to reach a bus stop. However, even if the person knows that there is a bus stop nearby, he may still need help to find out which district it belongs to. The smart stop system informs the person about the stops around him by means of voice alerts.

In the Bus

The line number of the bus arriving at the station, the distance to the bus gate, and the names of the stops reached along the line after the bus can be transmitted to the person by voice and continuously. In addition, the information that a visually impaired person is waiting at the stop is simultaneously transmitted to the bus driver.

Sample Application

Hear ‘N Walk is used in the library building by the Rectorate of the University of Kastamonu. You can watch the sample video for use.


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Hear ‘N Walk is compatible with Android and IOS operating systems. It can integrate with your projects and can be uploaded to the Apple AppStore and Android PlayStore. Please contact us to meet Hear ‘N Walk and use it in your projects.