We are a creative agency consisting amateur spirited professionals who can develop brilliant ideas for your valuable projects.

BrainFarms is your technology & creative solutions partner. A close team of highly experienced managers, creative directors, designers and developers working as a team to create beautiful, engaging digital experiences. We take pride in delivering only the best.

Our Services

Identity & Branding

We create success by cultivating a brand’s identity. Our experienced Art Director with the creative design team bring our customer’s vision to life. We create life altering, unforgettable designs.

Website, Platform Design & Development

We design and develop creative and responsive SEO friendly websites and web-based platforms utilizing state of the art CMS platforms

Mobile & Web UI/UX Design

We design creative and responsive websites, iOS and Android apps focusing on design and great user experience.

Mobile App Design & Development

We custom design and develop creative native and hybrid high-end, new-age mobile applications according to your needs within your time, budget and your business strategy.

B2C, B2B, E-Commerce Platform Design & Development

Our custom-built e-Commerce Platforms developed for B2C & B2B solutions for your distributors, agents, vendors, suppliers, marketing channels and partners will significantly elevate your brand and products in the digital world. Our platforms can be completely tailored to your needs.

Custom Software Development & Integration

We provide the following services for custom projects: system & business analysis, enterprise level architecture implementation, custom development, web service development & integration, service oriented architecture implementation, database D&D, and business intelligence.


We will ensure your maximum exposure thru SEO/SEM, Social Media existence, affiliate networks, Digital Marketing – Direct & e-Mail Marketing, and Omni-Channel marketing tools and practices.

Digital Marketing

Our fully integrated, highly skilled and experienced digital team of strategists, technologists, designers, developers, experience professionals, producers, art directors and account managers offer you a complete set of digital capabilities and unforgettable, unparalleled digital experience.

Graphic Design for Digital & Printing

We take pride in our printed marketing & advertising material design & production to deliver your message across the board.

Work Flow


Before anything else, we listen, we ask questions and we understand. We take the time to assess your organisation’s unique objectives, drivers and requirements. This thorough assessment leads to a deep understanding that informs everything we then do for you.


Our creative design team are committed to delivering digital experiences that activate, reward and inspire our clients’ customers. We deliver on this commitment by focusing on the user experience (UX), developing sketches and wireframes to communicate these experiences then iterating based on your feedback, and feedback from real users. We don’t believe in following trends, instead it’s about developing an informed position then designing an experience that delivers.


We are truly passionate about web development. We are the builders of the virtual world and we’re committed to making it a better place. That means doing things properly. That means developing websites that are accessible, standards-compliant and best practice. It’s about cutting edge, not bleeding edge. And its about executing on your vision so it becomes a reality.


Our people are committed to delivering quality in everything they do. For this reason we take testing and quality assurance very seriously. We undertake thorough functional, performance, cross-browser and cross-device testing throughout any project. We also believe in regular peer testing to encourage our team to support each other in our drive for quality.


Review, refine, test, and prepare the final product for delivery. We do quality assurance and user testing, and when we’re sure the product is ready, we release it. Once the project is launched, we develop a roadmap for constant improvements and future enhancements. We discover the true results of our work by monitoring growth and issues. Essentially, we test, observe, fix…test, observe, fix…to maximize performance.


Here all roles are involved, from designers through to developers, to deliver solutions that are rigorously explored from all angles—strategic, operational, creative and technical. So rest assured that any step forward will create a digital experience that matters. At the end of this process We will present a clear, actionable proposal that aligns with your objectives.

Small Details Make a Big Impression!

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