Envireless provides quality service in all areas where environmental parameters such as operation, factory, laboratory, greenhouse should be kept under control. It also allows you to instantly monitor the measured values continuously remotely.


What Envireless Do?

Envireless is a remote monitoring system consisting of a sensor, server software and user interface. You can monitor the temperature, humidity, pressure values and the presence of various gases and fumes in the environment, or it can be shaped by using sensors for different parameters according to your business needs.

Continuously measured values are transmitted to a remote server or your business’s own server via wireless connection. These values are stored on the server for further analysis and can be monitored instantly via a mobile application or an online web page.

Your Business is Under Control

With Envireless you can also measure continuously under special conditions. For example, if your -80 degree refrigerator used in laboratories has extra sensor input, you can monitor the temperature value of your cabinet via your mobile phone and get an emergency warning in case of any drop or fluctuation. So you can keep your valuable samples safe.

Envireless can be used for inpatient and pregnancy follow-up, blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature measurements. It can also send data to any software you have.

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Envireless is compatible with Android and IOS operating systems. It can integrate with your projects and can be downloaded via Apple AppStore and Android PlayStore. Please contact us to meet Envireless and use it in your projects.