Guiding Mate is a guidance system in brief. Unlike most commonly used navigation systems in traffic, it does not require any satellite connection, so it can be used indoors. Moreover, the deviation rate is much less than that of satellite navigation systems.

Guiding Mate, which works via Bluetooth 4.0, does not need an internet connection after downloading the application. Thanks to its low energy requirement, it also uses your battery very economically.

What It Does?

Guiding Mate can receive feedback from the environment continuously while directing the user to the desired point. With the system, which can be modified according to your needs, it is possible to convey any message to users at any time. The system can be used in any sector, regardless of your business interests.

Malls and Shopping

The use of this technology can easily be achieved in a short time by a customer in a large shopping center or in a department store. With the help of an installed network, the application will work like a navigation device indoors and can direct the person to the desired point quickly. The information of the customers entering the shops within the shopping center can be transmitted to the shop management at the same time. In addition, a customer loyalty system can be implemented and a comprehensive record can be kept.

Hospitals and Institutions

You can go to the institution you want to reach a service quickly without getting help. When updates about your appointments are automatically in your pocket, you can get details about the person you’re interviewing or the actions that will be applied to you. You will also be informed about the preparations you need to make and the documents you need to prepare before an appointment or examination.

Museums and Galleries

All the major museums in the world offer a different experience to visitors by using electronic label technology. All the information about the exhibited objects can be conveyed by voice as well as texts. Thus, a separate voice narrator is not needed. In addition, the information provided is supported by various pictures, photos and videos, making them more attractive and informative for the visitor.

Large Parking Lots

Today, shopping centers, stadiums, concert areas, such as where people are intensively located in large areas for cars are reserved for cars. Using mobile technologies, you can now mark the point you parked with a single click on your phone and you can easily reach your car with your phone’s directions on your return. Visitors can view the current status of the car park via their phone and find vacancies without calling.

Airports and Stations

With the entrance to the terminal, you can get instant information about the bus, train or flight, as well as the ticket status. In addition, you will be immediately notified of important updates such as door changes. The system will also help you find your platform.

Concert Halls and Stadiums

You can instantly check the ticket status for the concert and automatically access the page for purchase. In addition to being able to find the seat you bought in the stadium without wasting time, you can watch your team’s goal again; You can buy the same form of the goal scorer with the joy of goals immediately. You won’t have to carry a separate program booklet.

Schools and Libraries

You can get details about the book you are looking for, and whether or not it is borrowed and when it will return to the library. However, you can easily find the place of the book in the library with directives.

Hot Spots

The “hot spots” that attract the most visitors or clutter in a shopping mall, store or any building are instantly displayed on your computer and this information is stored in the database for further analysis.

City in The Palm

The application brings a map of the city to the screen. Various tourist spots such as a navigation program are shown on the map. Each type of tourism point is indicated in different colors. For example, museums, mosques, bazaars, historical buildings, food and beverage points, such as different groups are available in different colors from each other. The application offers a much more detailed information about the desired destination, unlike a standard navigation program.

City in The Palm

When we get to the tourist place we want to go, the application automatically displays the page of that point. A lot of information about the touristic place is arranged on the page that appears. A photo gallery of the place as well as current and historical information about that structure is displayed as text. It is also possible to listen to this text aloud if desired. There is also an introductory video. Besides the information received about the touristic place, other nearby attractions and important point information such as restaurant, pharmacy, hospital, ptt, market, etc. can also be presented within the application.

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Guiding Mate is compatible with Android and IOS operating systems. It can integrate with your projects and can be uploaded to the Apple AppStore and Android PlayStore. Please contact us to meet Guiding Mate and use it in your projects.